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1.Manager gets a mail notification if a request is made.

2.Receiving the mail, the manager enters in and clicks on GİRİŞ YAP

3.Enters username and password in the login form and lands to the screen below.


4. Manager clicks “View” link on “Waiting for manager confirmation” column and land to the screen below.


5. In this screen, vacation requests and cancelations waiting for manager confirmation are listed seperately. If there are vacation request or cancelation wating for manager approval, the number of request appear as notification balloon in related section. Manager can approve waiting requests on daily or bulk basis.

To bulk approve, ticking up the checkbox on “Request List” column is sufficent. To approve on daily basis, requests would be listed on daily order by removing the tick on “Request List”.


Using “Show Details” button when on daily basis order makes you see the details of selected request.


6. Approval of the vacations can be done by clicking the appropriate buttons after selection.

7.  If the vacation request needs HR approval, the vacation request goes to HR manager’s screens for confirmation. Two tabs, which are different than the other managers’ ones are found in HR Manager’s screen, “ Waiting for HR Manager confirmation” and “ Waiting for HR Manager Cancelation”. HR Manager uses this tabs to approve or cancel the requests.


* Managers can get remaining vacation days, information of used vacations, detailed used vacations information reports of their employees whose requests were approved by oneself.